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A Chowder Movie has aired in the UK. In it, Endive decides to blow up Mung Dahl's Catering, so she makes a Gromb, a grape/bomb. Its funny showing how she and Pannini strive to get one. After she blows up the building, Mung, Chowder, Schnitzel, Meeting Various Characters and Truffles have to travel to find Mung's old master to help them set up a new catering company and to get Chowder to be a Master Chef.


  • Chowder fails at becoming a master.
  • Pannini find Chowder knocked out and kisses him, giving him concience, he gets really mad, going red and tyurns huge and then yells amazngly loud "IIIIIII'MMMM NOOOOOOOT YOUUUUUURRR BOOOOOOOOOOYFRIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEND" He even has Pannini hanging onto a tree branch to not get blown away. Afterwards, Pannini runs away crying and Chowder has a guilty look.
  • Mung's Master has to fight The Sky God.
  • Kiwi meets the gang and tells them what to do next.

There's lots of suprises in it but I can't list them all.

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