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Эндрю Стэнтон @ andrewstanton

“@pixarishA113: @andrewstanton Will there ever be a sequel to Finding Nemo or WALL-E?” / Maybe...maybe not. (10th of February 2012).

He said there is a possibility of a sequel to Finding Nemo (Finding Dory) and WALLE. After that, in the summer of 2012, he confirmed his intention to make Finding Nemo 2, which will be released in 2016. It is possible that his next film will be a sequel to WALLE. If he wants to of course :)

John Lasseter said in spring 2012 that Pixar wants to create a sequel to WALLE, but not it in the near future, because there's no decent plot for a movie. Pixar is likely to make a sequel to WALLE in the future. At now company is busy producing other films. I hope that Pixar will find a good idea for a sequel to WALLE and then will create it. I really do hope Pixar creates this sequel! I love this movie too much! :)

P.S. Pixar! WALL·E 2! -

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