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a machete with speedholes.


A moro-influenced blade that specific handle tend to be trademarks of SE-Asian influenced curved blades such as the Barong. Given the choreography (FMA/Kali) used in the movie. I would say specifically. Filipino moro design.

Meh, still somewhat incorrect.

Roman Falcata blade (see

The fighting influence is more Kali inspired, but the blade itself is a hybrid. (Basing this off the photos of the actual hero prop) It is a Kuhkri styled curved machete like you would find under the heading Curved Jungle Machete Kuhkri, but it has holes drilled into it near the edge, and a serrated back.

It is appropriately styled off of a survival blade (like a jungle machete) given the theme of the movie, and made to look like it was something that Eli picked up at a gun shop or surplus store. The handle is wrapped with leather cording which was well worn and has been glazed with sweat and perhaps blood, and wrapped in such a way that it gives the impression of a pommel to the hilt.

Overall it is an impressive piece. There are some decent wall hanger replicas out there, but none that are high carbon practical ones as yet.

Another input:

The Roman falcata can be the origin of the design of both Kukri and this exact weapon but the sword of Eli in the movie is much more similar to an Itak that has been used as a farming tool in the Philippines for centuries and still being used today.