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Let me see if I remember... in Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets there is a Basilisk who is turning everyone into stone. The basilisk would move through the sewers, and I am not clearly sure why but people who saw it happened to be in a bathroom. Still unclear to me how the basilisk was seen but, Harry was being blamed for turning people to stone. At some point Hagrid was also blamed and he received a punishment because of it. Of course it is up to Harry to save the people in Hogwarts and clear out both their names.

The basilisk was afraid of spiders, it was the spiders the ones who helped Harry find the basilisk. But at the same time the spiders were too hungry to let Harry Potter leave, without wanting to devour him and Ron. I remember in the movie there was a book which swallowed Harry.

Its a shame but I don't remember much else, its been years I saw this movie last...